Poulenc aux mille éclats

Dramatic recital produced joinly with pianist José Arrué.

A mêlée of melody, poetry and song.


The words of Apollinaire, Cocteau, and their contemporaries resound to the music of Poulenc songs, opera, piano pieces  and oratorio.

Alternately amusing, serious, sensuous and provocative, this musical experience heightens ours awareness of the mystery of life.

Scene 1: childhood

Scene 2: spirituality

Scene 3: surreal love

Scene 4: war

Scene 5: postwar absurdity


Suitable for all venues : theatres, halls, courtyards...

 Italian recital

With pianist Mariella Fiordaliso


The music of Italy through the ages is the focus of this recital.

Piano music, operatic arias and italian songs alternated.

Composer inclued Clementi, Scarlatti, Pergolesi, Rossini, Puccini, Bellini, Verdi, Catalani, Respighi as well as Sgambati, Bussoni, not forgetting some songs of Tosti.


Adaptable for all kind of venue : theatre, halls, courtyards...




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