Workshop in singing

Discover you own voice !


Marie-Caroline Kfoury offers regular workshop in singing to members of amateurs choirs who wish to improve their singing technique and extend their power of vocal expression.


Workshops take place over a weekend and can be organised for groupwork or on an individual basis.


The importance of using the whole body as well as the vocal vocal cords is explained :


-recognising one's centre of gravity based on Qi Gong movements.

-breath control to produce a smooth and flexible sound.

-training in precise movements of the tongue and lips for articulation in order to obtain a "legato" sound.

-relaxing the back of the tongue to develop the full timbre and the richness of your voice.

-recognising appropriate use of the jaw to achieve a legato sound and produce high notes with ease.

-using effective posture, eye-contact et al. to create a presence on stage.



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